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Bytec Medical Creates New Intelligent Battery System For Healthcare Industry

Bytec Medical has announced the launch of the revolutionary Geni-TecTM Intelligent Battery System. The brand new range of batteries, charging units and power options is designed to address key issues in the healthcare field including infection control while prioritising ease of use and reliability.


The Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System can be integrated with Bytec’s range of medical carts, such as the Geni-Cart, and used as a standalone power system in any healthcare environment. The intelligent system is multi-purpose and can be used to supplement existing battery power, provide uninterrupted power supply or to mobilise otherwise static equipment.


Featuring a 200 Wh capacity Polymer Lithium-ion power pack, the Geni-Tec battery is constructed with a tough plastic casing to withstand the rigours of the modern, fast-paced medical environment.  Portable and light, the Geni-Tec battery pack is easy to carry but is also an incredibly durable and robust mobile power solution.


With infection control a critical issue, Bytec Medical have developed the Geni-Tec model to promote quick and efficient cleaning within the medical environment. Sealed to IP66, the battery unit is processor controlled and has no “live” terminals when disconnected, meaning it can be safely cleaned or sterilised under running water.  The smooth profile of the case is also easy to wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge for maintenance on the go.

A range of sleek charging options, including a wall-mounted 4-Bay charger and convenient desk charger, are also available to compliment the battery pack.  When plugged into a mains power supply, the Geni-Tec battery can recharge in situ on a medical cart or workstation, which gives healthcare professionals the freedom to charge the battery without removing it from their device.


Andy Stevens, Group Sales Manager at Bytec Medical said, “The ability to use a medical device, such as a computer cart, and not interrupt the charging process is a feature that was important to nurses and our customers. A lot of other battery systems on the market won’t do that.  But with the Geni-Tec System, the mains power will recharge the battery and power your computer cart at the same time. You can keep working and don’t have to wait around for the battery to charge.”


A networked monitoring system provides asset management of the batteries and performance logging, giving hospitals and clinics greater accountability when tracking their power systems.  Medical staff can also monitor how each Geni-Tec battery is used, where it is deployed, and whether or not the battery was activated as back-up power due to a failure of mains power supply.


After more than two years of research and development, a prototype version was displayed at MEDICA 2012, resulting in tremendous positive feedback from attendees at the trade fair in Germany.  Geni-Tec is compatible with Bytec Medical’s own range of carts, but can also be fitted to carts and trolleys from other manufacturers.

The Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System is available now.  To place an order or learn more about the range, contact Bytec Medical on +44 (0)1737 378 800, visit or email


Bytec Healthcare specializes in the design and development of DC Power Systems. Our award-winning proprietary management and control system has been developed and tested over several years and is specifically focused on the healthcare market.

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