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ODM/OEM Solutions

From Start to Finnish

Bytec's original Design Manufacturing (ODM) or has created multiple unique custom designs for application in Healthcare, Industrial and Defence. Specialise in OEM Medical Design services and Industrial, automotive solutions. We enjoy being a strategic partner in developing innovative solutions, pursuing the best results through deep involvement from start to finish. 

Our Products are Manufactured at our wholly-owned facility in the United Kingdom and Taiwan alongside our Marketing department to boost and support along the roadmap to maximise the performance of any OEM project. Our professional design team sits both in the UK and at our manufacturing facility in Taiwan. These teams work closely together on every aspect of the design and product launch to ensure each specification and milestone is met.

What we are experienced in...

Industry Support

Strengthen your team, get the best of our team to support you where its needed the most. 

Design Services

Strengthen your team, get the best of our team to support you where its needed the most. 

CAD Design

Detail Design

3D CAD enables the creation of design concepts, here is where Magic is made.

Using built concepts to fully transform an Idea to something close to reality

Drawing Board

Creating solutions is what we do best. Join us in creating the perfect solution to you needs.

Consulting Services

Guidance in those grey areas, see what we can assist you with.

Development & Prototyping

Material & manufacturing process determins how a diesign will perform, lets get it right.

Projects Management

See past Projects we have worked on, see how we can help you.

The full Package

From drawing Board to manufacturing and packing, we can help at every stage.

Marketing Support

Supplier Selection

After service support, making sure you always get the best service.

Bytec has developed a comprehensive network of proven and trusted suppliers.

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