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Bytec Medical Mounting Arms Offer Fast Installation And Simple Cable Management

Redhill, UK, 23 January 2013 – Bytec Medical’s new Novos medical mounting arms for display screens and equipment feature a patent-pending design that allows cables to be easily fed through the arms to give a tidy and ultra-quick installation.


Bytec has based its new arm design on extensive ergonomic research at hospitals and other health establishments. As a result its new products are not only robust and easy to clean, but are also exceptionally quick and easy to install without any specialist equipment. Power, video signal, network and other cables can be quickly routed through the arm without disassembling the joints. Replacing or adding cables once the installation is complete is equally easy, and requires only the removal of clip-on covers without detaching the arm from its mounting.


Strength and adaptability have been designed into the arms as well as Bytec’s renowned infection control features.  The standard range includes single and double jointed arms plus a locking height adjustable version capable of supporting up to 18 kg.

In addition, a range of accessories is available to enable the arms to support displays with VESA mounts, panel PCs or diagnostic equipment and options are available for either wall channel or pole mount adapters to suit most common diameters.

All surfaces are accessible to wipe down, using smooth untextured paint and eliminating grooves where dirt could otherwise collect.  Optionally, an inorganic, silver-ion based antimicrobial additive is available to provide all painted and plastic parts with an extra level of protection against infections.



Height Adjustable arm, with cable management, the Novos 500 to 3000 range can provide assisted lift for a range of products, including medical devices, terminals and displays.

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