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We specialise in manufacturing Transport, defence and healthcare control panels and industry-tailored monitors. With over 20 years experience in the fields of electromechanical product design, development and manufacture. Bytec represents a market leading brand with a desire to continually exceed our customer's expectations and have become specialists in Rafi Keyboards & Components.


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Design Services

CAD Design

Detail Design

Strengthen your team, get the best of our team to support you where its needed the most. 

Join our Engineering team to help develop the product you desire.

3D CAD enables the creation of design concepts, here is where Magic is made.

Using built concepts to fully transform an Idea to something close to reality

Drawing Board

Creating solutions is what we do best. Join us in creating the perfect solution to your needs.

Consulting Services

Guidance in those grey areas, see what we can assist you with.

Material & Processes

Material & Manufacturing process determines how a design will perform, lets get it right.

How can we help? 

Innovation is the game, making it a reality is our aim.

Why Choose Us? 

Innovation is the game, making it a reality is our aim.

Formed 26 years ago, Bytec considers itself a young company and fields a team of highly educated and skilled engineers, many with over 20+ years of engineering expertise.  The company values individual innovation encourages personal responsibility and expects all its team to deliver a service that is seen as an extension of its customer’s internal team.


With advanced design capability in both mechanical and electrical engineering, complemented with comprehensive analysis and simulation skills, Bytec deliver fully simulated product designs and manufacturing processes.

"Bytec Group has grown from family business to a global used organisation with many uses or our services we are sure we are able to help."

From start to finish.

Bytec can design, manufacture, deliver and support our clients, partners and end users within the healthcare and medical industries with confidence. These benefits are extended in support of our client’s own product developments through ODM and OEM medical design service.

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Delivering Excellence


Specifically made to withstand the most rugged environments while upholding efficiency and performance. See the best monitoring screens for your transportation needs.  

Case Study

Many of our monitors your will find in everyday buses and coaches to enable a better view of all angles of the vehical. See exactly how you can benifit by taking a look at these case studies.

Bus Monitors & Control panels
Train Controle panels

Case Study

For many years we have provided the best military grade control panels providing quick response components and ultra security for commands with lethal actions.

Control Panels
Heavy Duty Keyboard

Proud to provide some of the most robust control panels for the Navy and ministry of defence. Ensure reliability with analogue and mechanical components to form the most robust and efficient control panels. When safety and warning are essential you can be sure to find the best components at Bytec. 


Work with Bytec Group to co-develop a range of products based on specific needs in healthcare. We harmonise all departments to come to a professional an timely conclusion to provide the best solution for the issue, creating a base design or concept to address that issue.

Case Study

A bespoke product co-developed with JAOtech, The Wyki Keyboard featuring inbuilt antimicrobial agent, cleaning notifications and options to illuminate the keyboard. This keyboard was specifically designed for the healthcare industry to meet the strict cleanliness requirements.


"Bytec Group has grown from family business to a global used organisation with many uses or our services we are sure we are able to help."



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