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Keyboard for bedside entertainment system in hospitals.​



Over 2,000 units delivered to date.  

The Wyki Keyboard 

Medical wireless Keyboard


Two OEM custom keyboards (wired and wireless USB) co-developed with customer.  Keyboards feature in-built antimicrobial agent, clean notification function, and option of illumination via keys with individual LED lights.


“Working the Bytec Group to co-develop a range of keyboards for our specific needs proved to be an easy process.


Our requirements for a compact medical keyboard that met the exacting requirements of cleanliness within a healthcare environment, matched with the integration with the patient entertainment system and data entry requirements for doctors and nurses when linked to the hospital information system was challenging to achieve.  The design criteria for the keyboard was clearly understood and the product was created in a professional and timely way. Consequently, the final design was readily accepted by our healthcare customers worldwide.


With the success of our Wyki keyboard we have begun working with Bytec for other strategic healthcare products.”


Warren Kressinger-Dunn, CEO



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