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Bytec Embedded Limited

Bytec Embedded Limited

Bytec Embedded provides project-based engineering, design and manufacturing services to industrial, defense, medical and transportation markets. With specialist expertise in HMI technology, Bytec Embedded designs bespoke HMI products, including keyboards, control panels, and custom user interfaces. As a subsidiary of Bytec Group, Bytec Embedded utilises the latest in HMI technology, including switch components, touchscreens, trackerball, TFT/EL displays and embedded platforms.

In addition to custom interfaces and displays, Bytec Embedded supplies standard keyboards that stand up to tough environments and are ideally suited for industrial, military, marine and offshore environments.

With design, engineering and manufacturing teams based in the UK and Taiwan, Bytec Embedded offers a value-added approach for customers seeking custom solutions, and can provide complete project management services that follow every product from concept through to delivery.


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