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Effortless Productivity in an Antibacterial Keyboard

Bytec Medical keyboards are high-quality products, developed specifically for the medical industry with great care and attention to detail. Incorporating an silver-ion based antibacterial additive within the applied coating on keyboards provided a secondary defense against cross contamination, and helps halt the spread of infection.

From standard housed keyboards to the innovative Medi-KeyTM wireless medical keyboard, we can provide the perfect data entry device for your healthcare environment.



Introducing the Aqua-KeyTM Waterproof Medical Keyboard Range

The Aqua-Key waterproof medical keyboard includes a variety of features to suit any medical environment, and is available in three sizes.  Like the popular Medi-Key keyboard, Aqua-Key is waterproof to IP65 and is incredibly easy to clean. The silver-ion antimicrobial additive provides improved infection control by stopping the spread of harmful bacteria like MRSA and C. dificil.


The innovative Medi-Key wireless medical keyboard is the number one choice for bedside and ward applications. Manufactured using hypo-allergenic, latex-free, silicone rubber, Medi-Key is easy to clean and use. The “Disinfect” mode eliminates the need to switch off the hardware during disinfection, and reminds you to clean the keyboard regularly.

The automated pairing feature locks in the Medi-Key’s signal, providing security and the ability to operate multiple wireless keyboards within a multi-terminal environment.

Aesthetically designed in white, the Medi-Key has an ergonomic design and a familiar, user-friendly interface. The adjustable back illumination option makes the keys visible in all light conditions.


Housed Keyboards
Bytec offers a great selection of housed keyboards with comfortable and familiar interfaces, perfect for use as a medical keyboard.

Protected against dirt and splash water, the Type A Series of keyboards are recommended for use in laboratories as well as for medical technology and food handling applications with high demands on hygiene.

The full-travel Type B Series keyboards are ideal for frequent usage within a wide range of environments where only a lower IP rating is required. Keypads can deliver a custom solution or be integrated into existing systems.

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