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Bytec Medical supplies an extensive range of medical mounting solutions designed to provide the right level of functionality, reliability and safety for mounting medical equipment and devices in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare environments.

Our product range covers medical mounting systems for walls, European rails, ceiling, table and floor mounting, as well as custom designed solutions. With an excellent selection of accessories available, you can select the perfect configurations for every aspect of your medical workplace.

If you need assistance, our in-house Engineering and Design Team can help to provide the right medical mounting solution for your application.

Easy-to-Clean & Antibacterial Surfaces
A wide range of equipment can be positioned with Bytec medical mounting options, from printers and displays to bedside terminals. An important element of the medical environment is infection control, so our products are designed to meet the strict hygiene demands by using easy-to-clean surfaces and an optional antibacterial additive to further protect against cross-contamination from MRSA, E.Coli and Legionella, in order to meet the strict hygiene demands of hospitals.


Introducing the AirosTM Wall Mounting System
The Airos Wall Mounting System allows displays and keyboards to be easily mounted to walls in a medical environment.  Featuring effortless height adjustment, Airos has a tilting display mount and an adjustable keyboard mount, so clinicians can easily achieve an ideal position.  Airos is compatible with the Medi-KeyTM and Aqua-KeyTM waterproof keyboard ranges from Bytec Medical, as well as standard keyboards.

NovosTM Modular Mounting System
The Novos Modular Mounting System features conventional horizontal articulated arms, as well as a more versatile, height adjustable arm. The comprehensive range of modular components can be combined to provide over 12,000 permutations for a range of medical mounting applications. All models of the Novos Modular Mounting System feature simple, integrated cable management to help keep your workspace clean and tidy.

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