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Limitless Versatility

Bytec mobile medical carts are versatile and built on a strong, stable platform – the ideal solution for any healthcare environment, including hospital wards, ICU, operating theatres, dental clinics and many other medical areas.  All of our workstations and laptop carts are designed to provide easy mobility for the busy healthcare professional.

From simple worktops to powered computer on wheels carts, all Bytec carts have a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design with smooth surfaces and minimal dirt traps, allowing for quick and effective cleaning.  The integrated cable management feature of our carts keeps electrical wires out of sight and your workspace tidy and organised.

We have a wide range of accessories to choose from, so you can customise your medical cart with baskets, hooks and other storage solutions to make your mobile medical cart optimised for your work area.

If you need a bespoke solution, we have a talented Engineering and Design Team who can help you create a custom medical cart. No matter how basic or complex your requirements are, if you need a laptop cart, a powered computer cart, or a simple portable cart, Bytec has your perfect solution.

MIT-CartTM Workstation
The MIT-Cart is a strong and stable medical cart that can be customised for any healthcare applications, including point of care, medication dispensing, and other clinical uses.  The full MIT-Cart range extends from a basic mobile platform to a fully-functional powered cart housing panel PCs and integrated battery systems.

The carts are available with a range of accessories including cable/hose hook, basket, battery pack, cable management, colour coded worktop and plastic infills.

MIT-CartTM Laptop
The MIT-Cart Laptop model has the same benefits of the standard MIT-Cart, but with the added versatility of a laptop mount.  The laptop cart is available as a fixed-height model, or as an adjustable-height model for easy sit-to-stand versatility.

Geni-CartTM Power
The Geni-Cart takes the popular non-powered MIT-Cart range and integrates the Geni-TecTM Intelligent Battery System to provide a light and versatile powered computer cart for medical environments where portable computing is needed.

The Geni-Tec battery is a lightweight, li-ion battery that can be charged in situ when connected to electrical mains via a DC adapter, which gives you the freedom to charge the Geni-Tec battery without removing it from your Geni-Cart.  The battery can also be easily removed and charged on a Bytec charging station.

Smart-CartTM Workstation
The Smart-Cart range of computer on wheels carts is the ideal solution for hospitals and clinics that require a mobile PC solution, including patient wards and GP surgeries.  This powered computer cart features an integrated power system with a battery that is easy to change.

Available in a range of options and compatible with many accessories, the Smart-Cart is for use in all general areas of hospital and medical environments, including operating theatres, point of care, ICU and most clinical, dental and healthcare settings.

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