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B4 Standard Keyboard

Full-travel Keyboard in Plastic Housing & Front Panel Versions

Full-travel keyboards are ideal for frequent usage within a wide range of environments where only a lower IP rating is required. Keypads can deliver a custom solution or be integrated into existing systems.

B4 full-travel keyboards are top-quality products.  Alphanumeric keyboard offers comfortable and familiar interface for data entry.



  • Data entry of alphanumerical characters and control codes
  • Auto-repeat can be switched off
  • N-key roll-over, can be set to 2-key roll-over
  • Degree of protection: IP 40
  • USB and PS/2


Dimensions: 125 x 150 x 33 mm or 137.3 x 154 x 24.25 mm

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A6 Standard Keyboard

Short-Travel Keyboard in Metal Housing & Front Panel Versions

The flat data entry panels of the A6 series are protected against dirt, dust and splashing water by a polyester foil and are easy to clean.

The A6 series keyboards are especially recommended for use in workshops and laboratories as well as for medical technology and food handling applications with high demands on hygiene.

The A6 keyboard units are robust and have been designed to withstand a working life of up to 1 million key actuations, and operate in temperatures from 0 °C to 55 °C.



  • Keyboard in DIN layout, key grid 19.05 mm
  • Housed unit is rated to IP65
  • USB or PS/2 interface available
  • Metal Housing, Front Panel or 19" Front Panel 4 HU format


Metal Housing Version: 475 x 213 x 42 mm
Front Panel: 459.6 x 165.6 x 30 mm
19" Front Panel 4 HU: 482.6 x 177.8 x 35 mm

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