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All Bytec products carry the CE mark for compliance with European directives.  Many of our products are made from recyclable materials, such as aluminium.  We are also taking measures with our suppliers to identify the origins of certain metals used in our products, to ensure they are not sourced from conflict areas.

CE mark
The CE mark is required for all products on the market in the European Economic Area.  When you see the CE mark, you can rest assured that the product has been assessed and meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Please click here for more information on CE marking.


Aluminium is one of the few metals that can be 100% recycled and still maintain the same physical properties as in its primary state.  The recycling process is less expensive and more energy efficient than creating new aluminium.

Many Bytec products contain aluminium, including the MIT-Cart, Smart-Cart, Eco-Stand and Novos Modular Mounting System.


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