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Novos Modular Mounting Arm System

Novos medical mounting arm with keyboard tray from bytec medical


Engineered to last


The Novos Modular Mounting System has been designed to be quickly configured with ease, so finding the correct configuration is simple and straightforward. The wide range of compatible mounting options and accessories allows flexibility to customise the Novos System according to the specific requirements of the customer.


Novos is suitable for use in a number of situations, from general display and keyboard applications, to mounting devices or equipment from the leading medical device manufacturers.  The medical mounting arms are designed to facilitate integrated cable management, so all cords and cables are stored within the arm, leaving the work area clean and tidy - something that is key in a medical environment.


With extensive testing and development put into the range, the Novos System has several European registered designs and two patents pending*, and is ready for deployment throughout all healthcare areas, including hospitals, dental clinics, and GP surgeries.


*UK patent application number GB1119392.7 / US patent application number 13-674.593


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