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Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System

Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System medical power supply single unit


The Geni-Tec Intelligent Battery System can be used to supplement existing battery power, provide uninterrupted power supply, or to mobilise equipment which would otherwise be stationary.

Geni-Tec is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Bytec range of medical carts, but can also be used as a standalone power system throughout the healthcare environment.

A networked battery management system allows for asset management and performance monitoring of the batteries in service, and provides performance logging.

Geni-Tec batteries can also be charged in situ on a medical device or using a 28 V DC mains adapter, providing power for that device whilst simultaneously being charged. This gives healthcare professionals the freedom to continue using their equipment even when Geni-Tec is charging.


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