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Portable DeskStand designed for robustness, ease of use and cleaning

Redhill, UK, 7 March 2011 – Bytec Medical is extending its family of medical carts and display mounting solutions with the introduction of a new portable desk stand.  The DeskStand™ embodies the core design principles of the existing medical product range, drawn from real-world experience on hospital wards, and in operating theatres, intensive therapy units and dental clinics.

Providing bespoke solutions suitable for a wide range of medical applications, the DeskStand offers a solid mechanical design, together with easy-clean features for robust infection control.

A standard VESA 75 or 100 mounting adapter enables the DeskStand to be used to hold a variety of display and monitoring equipment, touch-screen PCs and point-of-care terminals. The tilt angle of the display can be widely adjusted  to suit the user, and securely fixed using the easy-grip locking handle. Bytec can also provide customised mounting plates for special applications.

In addition, the stand has a secure non-slip base, ensuring firm support whether it is used on desks, counter-tops or any other work surface.

Surfaces are easily accessible to wipe down, using smooth untextured paint and eliminating grooves where dirt could otherwise collect.  Optionally, an inorganic, silver-based antimicrobial additive is available to provide all painted and plastic parts with an extra level of protection against infections.


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