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Bytec Medical Unveils Smart-Cart and Medi-Stand

Redhill, UK 26 July 2010 – Bytec Medical, the recently-formed medical equipment design, engineering and manufacturing arm of the Bytec Group, is introducing its first medical equipment platform products, ergonomically designed for ease of use and class leading infection control. Developed from the ground up for hospital and medical environments, the innovative new Smart-Cart™ and Medi-Stand™ units draw on the real-world experience of users in operating theatres, hospital wards, dental clinics and intensive therapy units. Both products will be released for sale later this year.


Smart-Cart is a versatile mobile computing and power management stand incorporating integrated cable management for both data and power supply. Surfaces are easily accessible to wipe down, using smooth untextured paint and eliminating grooves where dirt could otherwise collect. An optional, inorganic, silver ion antimicrobial additive is available to provide all painted parts with an extra level of protection against infections.


Built-in power management and diagnostics allow for mains operated or mobile battery power to be delivered to standard PC, panel and small form-factor PCs or other compatible laboratory equipment. The 720wH battery enables hardware to run for up to 10 hours away from the mains, and battery packs are designed for easy and quick replacement. The integral microprocessor control system ensures safe and efficient operation.

With motorised height adjustment, the Smart-Cart worktop is readily set up to suit the operator’s requirements. Side-mounted fingertip controls make it effortless to raise and lower the work surface in a smooth and controlled manner. Premium, heavy duty twin wheeled castors provide smooth manoeuvrability, whilst taking the everyday bumps and knocks associated with a busy medical environment.

Smart-Cart’s integrated keyboard tray has cleanable runners, which allow the tray to slide smoothly out from the body of the cart. This provides a convenient storage space and work desk for keyboards and input devices such as the Bytec Medi-Key™ keyboard.


The Medi-Stand complements Smart-Cart by providing a stable and rugged mobile medical equipment platform, using a custom made cast aluminium base, custom central extrusion and heavy duty castors. Bytec Medical’s research into the typical lifetime and duty cycle of these stands has highlighted their ability to withstand knocks and bumps. As a result, the design is founded on a 700mm diameter cast aluminium base that ensures good performance against ‘topple’ even when loaded with a full complement of equipment. Plus, its design is aesthetically pleasing and looks good in any healthcare environment.


There are various mounting options capable of carrying up to 25kg of monitoring equipment. The Medi-Stand also features an ergonomic aluminium handle, which is strong and comfortable to use. Using the accessory mounting channel, ancillary devices can be positioned and set at a height to suit the application and accommodate additional accessories.

Incorporating a widely adopted standard, the Medi-Stand accepts a wide range of legacy mounting brackets and accessories. Plastic infills keep these mounting channels covered and easy to clean when not in use. To ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility, the stand can be supplied with a standard 25mm x 10mm mounting rail, adjustable drip pole, storage basket and cable-tidy hook. Additional options include the ability to mount a Panel PC display for use in operating theatres bedside applications and nursing situations.

Supplied in white as standard, the Medi-Stand and SmartCart stands can also be custom built in alternative colours and configurations.


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