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Northampton General Hospital Smart-Cart and Custom Mounting



“We use the Bytec Smart-Cart mainly in the treatment and examination rooms within the A&E department. The nurses have found the Smart-Cart to be very versatile and portable, which makes it easy to follow patients journey in  A&E and transfers to wards whilst updating vital information. With the Smart-Cart, clinicians can access the A&E clinical system software and look at patients’ blood results, X-ray results, history and other notes.

Northampton General Hospital is very happy with the reliability and durability of the Smart-Cart. Recently, we wanted to be able to combine our Welch Allyn blood pressure monitor with a cart, as this allows access to real-time blood results and patient data, saving valuable time in the process of a patient’s journey. Historically, we would have had to use two separate trolleys – one for medical records, one for the Welch Allyn vital signs device. Bytec overcame this by designing a custom plate to allow the Welch Allyn unit to sit on their standard Novos mounting arm, connected to the Smart-Cart, and were able to power the vital signs device from the Smart-Cart reducing cable clutter.

Because of this innovative adaptation, nurses can access the information they need on one trolley, which has made the process easier and also frees up vital floor space around the patient and in our hospital.”

Avni Shah, IT Support Services Team Leader
Northampton General Hospital


Northampton General Hospital required a mobile powered cart for use in the Accident & Emergency department that could link to the hospital’s patient administration system.


The Smart-Cart mobile powered cart was deployed throughout the Trust. Bytec also designed a custom plate for the blood pressure monitor, which was mounted to the Smart-Cart with a Novos 500 arm, allowing clinicians to use the device and access medical records using the same cart.


40+ units delivered to date.


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