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Energist Custom Trolley

Bytec Design NeoGen custom trolley


“We were delighted to work with Bytec on the NeoGen trolley, as they were able to deliver custom, quality product with a short lead time.  We needed a bespoke trolley that would suit all our technical requirements, but it also had to be aesthetically pleasing and match our NeoGen product.  Bytec responded very well to the brief, and we were thrilled with the result – a robust and appealing trolley that fits perfectly with our NeoGen system.  After a successful product launch, the NeoGen PSR with custom trolley is now available, and we are really pleased with the quality of the complete solution which we are able to offer our customers.”

Phil Andrews, NeoGen Product Manager


“The development process was straightforward, with both the design and production teams quickly responding to our feedback.  Bytec were also able to provide additional documentation to assist with our testing requirements, which further helped expedite the approval process.  We were under stringent time constraints on this project, so having design, development and production done locally in the UK with Bytec really helped keep lead times to a minimum.”

Darren Thomas, Chief Technical Officer


Custom trolley was required for the NeoGen Plasma Skin Regeneration device.


Bytec Medical developed a trolley which is robust yet visually pleasing for the cosmetic aesthetic market. The trolley follows a strict brief from Energist and provides a mobile platform for the NeoGen device, whilst discretely contains gas bottles and other components.


Total order of 100 units. Costs were kept down by using UK-based design and manufacturing services instead of overseas facilities.


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