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Strategy & Vision

Our Strategy

At Bytec, we service specific industries and markets through specialist manufacturing companies. Our focus is on quality, strong design and high performance, aided by strong IT and operational infrastructure. A solid manufacturing network feeds Bytec’s own product development.

We demand the best from ourselves and our products. We know that our products are exposed to extremes on a daily basis, be they environmental, physical or systemic.  Our products cannot fail, and we pride ourselves on their reliability and our reputation as a provider of well-designed solutions.


Our Vision

Striving to make a difference

We hope to build a leading brand that is trusted for its integrity, professionalism and quality of service and products.  Our vision for the future is to make a difference to the people we work with – our customers, partners, employees and the end users of our products and services.

We seek to improve the quality of people’s lives by focusing on innovation and design, enhancing the life-cycle and experience of our products for the well-being of customers and end users.

Our brand promise: “Well-being through People, Innovation and Technology”, drives our vision, and applies to every aspect of our business.


Bernard Mifsud
Chief Executive Officer, Bytec Group Limited


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